Monday, August 16, 2010

Fun with Family

Me and my cute mom!

My parents were in town this past week and we really enjoyed their visit. On Saturday they participated in the Salem Fun Run with us, a 5k run that takes place in August each year, and we all had a great time. I have been lucky with this pregnancy as well as my last one in that I am able to run the entire nine months. I came in second place in my age division with a time of 22 minutes. Jameson did an amazing job and came in second in his division with a time of 25 minutes. The amazing part is that he has gone running only once this year and still managed to get that time without really trying. My dad got 7th in his division, finishing in 31 minutes, and my mom placed 10th in her age group. My parents especially enjoyed the cool morning air, which is something they don't experience in Houston.

Me, Mel, and Jam holding our silver medal

My sister's fifth child, Kate Marie Morgan, was blessed Sunday. We drove up to Salt Lake for the blessing, which was at my sister's home. It was fun to be with family and hang out with my parents one last time before they go back to Houston.

Julia (my sister's oldest girl), Mel, and my sis holding her youngest girl, Kate Marie.

Grandpa Hanks (my dad) and Melody


Grandma Joyce, Barbara(my mom), Elasha and Kate (my sis and her baby), and me.

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Angela said...

Great job!!!! Glad you got to visit your family!